“MARION-Perth North”

Carpet Cleaning

Special Offer available from 01/04/2022

1 carpet - fr $50

2 carpets - fr $65

3 carpets - fr $80

4 carpets - fr $95

* The Special Offer terms and conditions:

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning is based on:

-small or medium-sized carpets (up to 12msq/1 carpet)

-in average condition (heavily stained carpets may be charged extra)

-single-story house located up to 10kms from Landsdale WA (we take jobs located up to 30kms from Landsdale - covering all NOR area)

To obtain a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, FIXED QUOTE please provide us with the following information:

1. Your property address (suburb) ?

2. How many rooms/carpets ?

4. Size of the rooms/carpets ? (e.g. 3m x 3 m or in steps)

5. Carpets condition ? (pictures are welcomed)

6. Specify clearly when do you need the job to be done ? (your flexibility)

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.